What is API?

An application programming interface (API) is a collection of programming instructions and standards which enables the websites to access their features. It is a software-to-software interface which communicate each other without any user knowledge or intervention. For example, with Facebook API, you can integrate Facebook like pages, with Jot forms you can integrate customized contact form, with Disqus comment system, you can integrate comment system in websites. There are many, few of them have been explained.

Jotform integration

JotForm is the WYSIWYG form builder with drag and drop interface mainly developed for web masters. If you need a contact form, survey form, reservation form etc, with date time picker and CAPTCHA quickly, you can setup form, customize it and integrate in your website. Below is the example to create a contact form

  • Go to www.jotform.com/myforms and sign up or login if you have already signed up
  • Click create form
  • You have option to create form from blank, choose from available template, if you have already created, click import and you can also request Jotform team to build a form for you
  • Click create form button, and you will have different form tools set
  • From Quick tools, drag full name, email and from Form tools drag and drop Text Area to type message
  • If you want the form responsive, click preferences and under General Settings click yes next to Responsive Form
  • If you want the form to be expired after certain time, under Form limits, set the Expiration date
  • Click source code and embed the code in your contact page

Facebook like integration

If you have a Facebook page of your company, you can add like page of that page in your website.

  • Go to developer's plugin link
  • In URL to like field enter URL of your Facebook page
  • Type width in pixel and choose Layout and Action type
  • facebook-integration
  • Then, click get code

Once you click get code button, it will provide two different pieces of scripts, once piece to embed just under opening <body> tag and another piece to embed to the place where you want Facebook like button to appear. Follow the instruction. facebook-likepage-code